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Plans for v1.1
1) Context menu for Notification Icon allowing for simple tasks (like Enabling rules, enabling/disabling certain options etc...)
2) Option to specify block of code, that should not be considered for checking. One frequently use scenario is Email Signature.

Future Plans
*1) Usage of TaskDialog for Windows Version Vista and above
*2) Display some additional information about the line due to which OAR thinks you missed an attachment.
*3) Reporting of usage statistics.
*4) Actual Help File

Waiting for more feature requests from Users

*Low priority features.

Innovative IDEAS (OAR Research)
Use Outlook Client as download utility. Send email to own account specifying computer name and destination on remote computer to download specific files
Use Outlook Client as command line utility to run specific commands
Use Outlook Client as automatic notifer for system events
Use Outlook client to transfer small files from Remote computer to local Computer.
Use Outlook client as Anniversary/Birthday wisher.

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