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Outlook Attachment Reminder Suite

  • You can manage word list and Subject list using the Options Windows.
  • If you face any problems, please check in OARDiag1000RC.log first. Then please report any messages that you see. Ideally you can upload to the Codeplex site
  • With Every Version of OAR Addin, the file name changes too. They are located in MyDocuments folder under OARsFiles. File names start with OAR. Current version is found in the help menu itself. OAR versions post 1.0 RC automatically copy word list from old files and deletes old files. However it does not retain or save old Attachments rules. This will be implemented in Release version that's coming up next.
  • With Size option, you can set the size limit for the attachment. If the attachment size is greater than this threshold, then Addin prompts asking if you want to add it or not. If you click no, the attachment is not added. This size mentioned is in KB. Default is 100000
  • You can restrict attachment of specific file types.
  • You can restrict attaching attachments.
  • Now Empty Subject gives a warning by default. This can be disabled.
  • Make sure to save each time changes to settings is made.

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